How you can start today to see your wallet getting bigger with your coding skills.

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Coding is not enough.

That’s what you as a developer may have thought counting digits at the end of every month. Coding is a well-paid profession, but more money never hurts, especially during a pandemic.

If you have ever wondered how to make more money with the coding skills you have, I’ve written this guide for you.

Please note: I decided to leave out side-hustles like freelancing or building applications because those are extremely risky or won’t probably pay you before a long time. …

3 habits that are slowing you down and preventing your success.

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One bad habit can ruin 10 good qualities you have as a professional.

This is a pattern I’ve seen many times happen in my career too, in the past. I would let a bad period in my life determine some bad habits at work, like being lazy or unfocused, and after months I would see the mess those practices generated in my career.

Fighting with your boss, losing the trust of your peers or your job. These are some of the effects that such bad habits can cause in your developer’s life.

And the problem is that you may be causing damage to yourself even right now, every day. So let’s analyze in details these harmful patterns to uncover them and see how subtle they can be and what harm they can do. …

Drop a few bucks and become 3 times better than the average coder.

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You must know a lot of stuff to be a developer.

Laying down the structure of a system, picking the right algorithm for a problem, fetching data from a database. All of this stuff has to be learned if you want to be successful in this profession.

Today, instead of just presenting you a list of things you must know, I have created for a list of places online where you can get that indispensable expertise I’m talking about.

Please note: For every item of my list, you will have a main course suggestion. Plus, I will provide you with a couple alternatives to that course, in case the main suggestion is too expensive of simply not your style of platform or teacher. …

How not to plan your career and avoid a lot of failures.

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Your success as a developer is based on how you plan each step in your career.

You must be a careful strategist, looking at each piece on the chessboard, deciding what to do next and how a certain move can improve your future.

Unfortunately, I’ve seen a lot of developers failing on this game, especially the youngest ones. And after years of working as a professional developer and switching many companies, I’ve come to realize what are the absolute worst errors you can make as a coder in your career.

Let’s analyze them.

Sticking To One Job For Too Long

I get it, why should you change your employer if you like the job you have now? …

Your awful feelings may tell you something about your current position.

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My last coding job was terrible.

Months of increasing distress and emotional unrest preceded the end of it, and I couldn’t understand why.

After more than a year as passed from those days, I can tell you to be aware of your visceral bad feelings toward your job, because the signs that it’s time to quit are not always so evident.

The clues indicating that something is wrong can be, in fact, very subtle, and times of pain can pass before you recognize them and put a stop to the situation.

Let’s try to give a name to these subtle signs. …

What makes your career as a developer a great one.

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Do you still ask yourself what you want to be when you grow up? Even if you’ve already grown into a full adult?

I do that daily. And as a junior developer, most of my answers are related to what type of programmer I aspire to be one day.

Every coder has different inspirations for the future, but I believe that the secret ingredient for a career made of gratification is made of just 4 principles.

Let’s see them in details.

Be Very Skilled On A Niche Of Technologies

You can’t master every discipline in the coding world. You probably won’t be the next master of self-driving cars, lunar module software engineer and top JavaScript developer all at once. Yet, you can still find something you’re truly passionate about and become a master of that, whether the discipline is mobile-development or writing code for the missions on Mars. …

The correct ways to watch your income skyrocket this year

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“Money is not everything in life, but everything in life needs money”.

The quote above perfectly summarises a bitter truth about the reality of our daily lives. Yet, if you want to go on in this world, you have to play by the rules of its game.

If you are a developer, and you feel the same way toward the importance of making money, this article is for you.

After years of coding professionally, I’ve decided to summarise my personal experiences to show you how to increasingly make more money every year. What are the best strategies to increase your income? …

How to choose your next move in your career, and turn it for the better

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Do you want to change your developer’s career for the better in 2021?

Maybe you want to move to a better-paying position. Or maybe you want to switch to a company working with the latest technologies.

I believe that improving your position as a developer is always possible. You just need to gain the right knowledge. The one that companies are looking for, the one that is the most paid and that fills out the Glassdoor jobs announcements.

“When I began my developer’s career, I was working with a lot of legacy projects involving Java. …

Make your daily code look amazing

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Your code is art, and you can make it look beautiful the way art should be.

I believe that we can all benefit in terms of satisfaction when we see our work look beautiful and elegant. And today, I’m here to bring you some of my favourites themes ideas for your vs code editor to accomplish such an eye-pleasing task.

Night Owl (My personal choice)

For myself, I’ve always wanted a good looking graphic theme, mandatorily using a dark palette, but without colours being extremely bright to disturb my eyes.

I found all of these characteristics in the theme Night Owl, which you can see down below. …

How to waste less time and tremendously increase your productivity

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Imagine what your daily work would look like if you were able not to waste a single minute of your time while coding.

I guess you could finish a lot more tasks, be more productive. You could spend more time on the quality of your code and on learning new stuff. I believe such a level of productivity might also guarantee you a promotion in the future.

Unfortunately, not wasting a single minute of your time spent coding is impossible. But you can always improve the way you manage it. And get very close to a full productive day.

Let’s see some techniques to achieve this. …


Piero Borrelli

Software developer for the Wifi industry. Burning keyboards with JavaScript code. Defenceless talking about the ups and downs of the developer’s life.

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