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Italian web developer, yet not writing spaghetti code. On a mission to help people to achieve a better life by learning to code —

Don’t wait any longer, make money now

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Find out what to use, and when to use it

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Take your JavaScript to the next level in 4 simple moves.

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1. Use replaceAll

Boost your React productivity in just 5 minutes

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1. Bracket Pair Colorizer

Land your dream job in just 6 moves

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1. Use the Right Format

100 dollars this month, 1000 dollars the next one.

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1. Write Your First Medium Article

How to get “unstuck” today in 5 simple steps

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You Don’t Have an Outcome

Learn this language 10 times faster by following 3 simple rules

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First, Start with Why

How to stop spending hundreds of dollars on things you don’t need.

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Piero Borrelli

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