3 Ways to Easily Make Your First 100$ from Writing Code This Month

100 dollars this month, 1000 dollars the next one.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

1. Write Your First Medium Article

In February 2020, I started trying out Medium as a writer. I had previously built my blog trying to make some money out of it, but it failed so badly. So then, why not trying to write for a website with an already present audience?

Not bad right?

2. Find Your First Writing Client

Tech companies are eager to get content from skilled developers. Why? Because it indirectly helps them too. Suppose a company has an amazing technical blog. In that case, that platform will redirect customers to its product, incrementing the company’s authority.

3. Find Your First Business Which Needs Help

After starting my mail list, I’m not ashamed of reaching out to people proposing my product anymore. Why? Because that’s what I did to find my first subscribers. I would tell them something like:

What are you waiting for?


Making money online from coding is not hard. Don’t ever let people tell you that. Don’t let them discourage you and let you think that building a small business is the product of an elite group of minds.

Italian web developer, yet not writing spaghetti code. On a mission to help people to achieve a better life by learning to code — https://tinyurl.com/becomeADev

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