10 Things programming has taught me about life

The idea for this article started about a month ago. In one of those moments of reflection, where you are looking outside the window on a rainy day, taking a shower, or maybe just doing nothing.

I was thinking: what has programming taught me about life?

And the answer was ………many things.

Let’s be realistic, as someone more famous than me already said, your job is gonna fill the most of the time of your life. How can that activity not teach you anything? And when it comes to programming, where you are probably writing a piece of code for someone else to use, that job can then teach you a lot.

So here is a brief, personal list of ten things programming has taught me.

Hope one day I will add more to this, so it will mean I didn’t stop learning……

#1 Give quality to get quality back.

#2 Take your responsibility

#3 Your job is going to kill you

#4 If you want it, you can accomplish everything.

#5 Perseverance is everything

#6 Be guided by the joy of discovery, not by the fear of sufferance

#7 Make failure a habit

#8 The man of a thousand faces

#9 Putting your life to the service of others

#10 Remember the important things

Keep it strong, and be happy.

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